Proxidize: All-in-one solution for building and managing mobile proxies

Proxidize: All-in-one solution for building and managing mobile proxies

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What is Proxidize?

Proxidize is a mobile proxy infrastructure solution provider that enables companies to build and manage their very own mobile proxies. It's a preferred choice for Fortune 500 companies, digital marketers, SMEs, and individuals.

For many businesses, it becomes unfeasible to continue leasing an ever-increasing number of proxies. What they need is their own proxy infrastructure. This is where Proxidize comes in. As the inventor of DIY mobile proxy farms, they provide you with all the necessary components to hit the ground running.

Proxidize allows even those with zero technical knowledge to have a full-fledged in-house solution typically in less than 30 minutes once the components are delivered. Proxidize also delivers to every corner of the globe and currently has users in over 80 countries. They also have a useful Help Center and offer 24/7 support. Proxidize has been developed from the ground up to provide a seamless experience and alleviate all the challenges that come with setting up and operating an in-house mobile proxy network. Proxidize can also help users based in the US obtain SIM cards and provide guidance for users in other countries.

Take control of your proxies. Stop relying on leasing potentially unreliable, slow proxies from providers who don’t prioritize your privacy.

What is Proxidize used for?

Proxidize has dozens of use cases, including all the typical applications of proxies, with a few specific to Proxidize. At its core, Proxidize offers you mobile HTTP(S) and SOCKS proxies. Here are some of the most common use cases:

Web scraping

Web scraping is a popular use case for Proxidize. The more reliable connections offered by using mobile proxies, together with their rotating IP pool that reduces the chance of being blocked, make Proxidize a good choice for web scraping activities. By using your own proxy infrastructure you guarantee quality, and by mimicking real mobile user traffic, you reduce the chance of triggering CAPTCHAs. Capsolver will solve the ones that do trigger, whether you’re scraping at a large scale or just using a browser extension.

Social media account management and advertising

The ability to create and manage multiple accounts for social media and advertising remains an urgent priority for many businesses. One key aspect of the process is proxies. An in-house proxy solution will facilitate social media scraping, automating social media activities, and managing multiple accounts. Common setbacks include IP bans, rate throttling, ad verification challenges, and platform flagging. With a mobile proxy, you can isolate activity between accounts. Together with Capsolver, account creation will be smooth and seamless, ensuring a consistent flow of content.


The cat-and-mouse game played by buyers and sellers in the ticketing industry has resulted in an ever-growing spiral of technological advancement. Security and anti-scalping measures continue to increase, necessitating the use of proxies. Proxidize’s mobile proxies offer you superior results for lower costs in the long run. Coupled with technology like Capsolver, you can gain the advantage.

How is Proxidize better than typical proxies?

There are many hundreds of great sources to lease proxies, so why would you go through the hassle of setting up your own infrastructure? The answer is simple. It’s better. Here’s how:

It costs less

Your bottom line is often the biggest factor in considering which proxy solution to use, and Proxidize stands on its superior value proposition. A dedicated proxy can be leased for anywhere from $30–40 per GB. Proxidize can help you lower this to closer to $0.1–0.8 per GB. Furthermore, Proxidize gives you additional control over your individual projects, allowing you to set limits on how much data you want each one to use.

It’s faster

Your Proxidize kit is yours and faster, operating at anywhere between 10 and 60 Mbps on 4G. You will also have absolute control over the speed as you’re only limited by the local bandwidth of ISPs and carriers. When compared to typical proxy providers, Proxidize proxies are usually 50–500% faster.

It’s more private and secure

Proxidize is fully committed to privacy and security as its most important value points, especially in today’s landscape where some proxy providers have actively spied on their customers. This will never happen with Proxidize. Additionally, Proxidize is currently undergoing SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification processes to further power its position as the most trusted, secure, and private proxy solution on the market.

It’s yours

Vertical integration is a critical aspect of modern business. More and more companies are focusing on vertically integrating their critical technologies for one simple reason: When your business survival relies on proxies, it becomes a priority to have complete control over your own infrastructure. Cut out the middleman.

Proxidize pricing

Proxidize offers a wide range of pricing options, ranging from a free Android app and 5-modem kits to 80-modem kits and beyond.


Proxidize simplifies the process of setting up your mobile proxy network by providing all-inclusive hardware kits. These comprehensive kits contain essential components such as modems, servers, cables, and USB hubs necessary for the seamless establishment of your proxies. To ensure a smooth setup, Proxidize offers detailed guides for configuring the hardware. If you prefer hands-on assistance, the option of scheduling an onboarding call with their success engineers is available, guaranteeing that your network setup is hassle-free.

All Proxidize hardware includes free worldwide premium shipping. Proxidize kits range from a 5-modem kit to over 100 and come with a one-time cost. You can purchase components individually if the plans do not match your requirements.


Proxidize’s centralized proxy management software allows users to customize various mobile proxy features based on their preferences. Designed to be intuitive, the software enables users, even those without extensive technical knowledge, to manage, monitor, and control their proxies efficiently.

Pricing can be conveniently scaled up and down as the client’s needs change and can be calculated on a monthly or yearly basis.

Proxidize has a free and partially open-source mobile application, Proxidize Android, available on GitHub, which can be used to establish a proof of concept before investing in Proxidize equipment.


In conclusion, Proxidize offers a compelling solution for businesses, digital marketers, SMEs, and individuals looking to take direct control of their mobile proxy infrastructure. Its scalability lets you dip your toes into the water before committing and its pricing structure gives you a variety of options. By offering superior speed, privacy, and control compared to typical proxy providers, Proxidize empowers users to take control of their proxy infrastructure and avoid the limitations of leasing proxies. Used in combination with Capsolver, you can start engaging in myriad activities including web scraping, social media management, ticketing, and more.