Rampage Proxies: the home of proxy mediation

Rampage Proxies: the home of proxy mediation

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Streamlining proxies: one dashboard, many providers.

At Rampage, we aim to be the middle ground between your favourite proxy providers, allowing you to manage all your proxy providers in one place with competitive pricing.

Rampage streamlines your proxy purchasing and managing experience. We offer purchasing from 10+ different proxy providers for all budgets and use cases, with pricing spanning from $1/GB to $10. From our in-house sources to some of the biggest residential upstream providers, you can purchase, generate, and manage all with a few clicks on our dashboard. We’ve bought it all together for you, maximising your efficiency.

You'll have access to all our great residential providers and the ability to purchase ISP proxies, DC proxies, and our lightning-fast virtual private servers- all in one place.

We buy in bulk directly from the large upstream providers, passing the savings on to you. Not only this, but you’ll be able to combine providers to find the best for you; without needing to set up accounts elsewhere on other dashboards. We’ve made it as pain free as possible.

The providers we sell

We currently offer easy access at competitive rates to 9 different residential proxy providers, 3 of which are our own:

  • Rampage Residential, from $6.30/GB
  • Rampage Mobile, from $10.10/GB
  • Rampage Core, from $1/GB
  • O Proxy, from $6.30/GB
  • S Proxy, from $6.30/GB
  • BrightData, from $5.3/G
  • NetNut, from $7.5/GB
  • Koch Secret, from $12.70/GB
  • PacketStream, from $1/GB

All our providers can be easily managed from the Rampage dashboard. One purchase per provider gives access to static or rotating proxies and your choice of location. In just 4 clicks, your proxies are generated and ready to use.

All residential proxy purchases give you access to both static and rotating proxies, as well as your choice of geographical location. Depending on the provider, some may also support precision targeting methods such as city/state/ISP/ASN.

Getting started with Rampage

To get started with Rampage, you’ll first need to sign up for an account with us. You’ll need to sign up for an account on the dashboard here. Accounts are free, and can be registered with either an email address or a Discord account. This is what you’ll use to sign in and purchase and manage your proxy purchases.

Purchasing proxies is a breeze with Rampage. On our dash, you’re presented with all our proxy providers in one place:

In addition to the residential providers, there are 4 different options available for ISP/DC proxies, ensuring all possible use cases are covered.

Once you’ve selected the provider you’d like to purchase and the desired quantity, click “buy now” to be taken to checkout. Don’t forget to apply any discount codes, should you be lucky enough to have one.

The biggest advantage? You’ll never have to sign a contract or commit to purchasing large quantities of data, as is common with purchasing direct from upstream. Rampage allows you to purchase at your own pace, from as little as 1GB. We provide the most competitive rates regardless of your purchase quantity.

Once you’ve purchased your desired provider, you’ll be able to generate the proxies seamlessly. With one purchase, you’ve been given access to static or rotating providers and the choice of location. Your proxies will be available to copy directly from the dashboard or download a list to upload directly into your desired software.

The dashboard also allows you to track the remaining data from all your providers, ensuring your operations are never interrupted. There’s no need to switch between different dashboards for different providers; Rampage handles it all.

Rampage support

We’re always on hand in one way or another to support your proxy endeavours. We provide 4 different support options to answer your questions and solve your problems:
Live chat
Discord support server
Contact us
Our team of proxy specialists is always happy to help.