GoProxy: Your Reliable Proxy Service Provider with 90M+ Fastest IPs Network

GoProxy: Your Reliable Proxy Service Provider with 90M+ Fastest IPs Network

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📍GoProxy, based in Hong Kong, is a premier provider of high-quality proxy services. We aggregate a diverse range of IP resources from top-tier Internet Service Providers, such as AT&T, Verizon and Cogent Communications to establish our own extensive proxy network. With over 90M IPs, you can easily access more than 200 countries, breaking geo restrictions.

What Products GoProxy Provides:

🏡Residential Proxies
For large-scale scraping with real IP addresses, like web scraping and price monitoring, we recommend you choose Residential Proxies(Rotating Internet Service Provider Proxies for smooth data gathering and scraping on a large scale without IP blocks). Residential Proxies can provide you with high anonymity to scrape online data.
🌩️Static Residential Proxies
Static Residential Proxies keep the same IP for a long time. If you need to use proxies for multi-account management, we recommend using Static Residential Proxies(Real residential IP will not change, the combined power of Datacenter and Presidential IPs).
🗄️Datacenter Proxies
Datacenter Proxies provide you with a higher speed than residential proxies, best for web scraping. Different from Residential Proxies, a variety of datacenter proxies are blacklisted by a variety of websites. We recommend you use datacenter proxies to scrape those websites with low security scores.
🤖Customized Web Scraping Solution
In addition, GoProxy also offers customized web scraping solutions. You can inform us of your requirements, and we can assist you in developing personalized web scraping scripts tailored to your specific needs, optimizing your existing web scraping scripts, or even providing various datasets directly for your web scraping tasks. If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact our sales team, who will be happy to assist you further.

What Services GoProxy Offers:

📖 Detailed Help Center
GoProxy Help Center offers a repository of articles, FAQs, guides and tutorials to help our users quickly get started. You can get everything you should know on how to use proxies from our Help Center.

🎁 Your Exclusive Free Trial
Considering that our users may have concerns about whether our IP resources or services can perfectly fit their use cases, GoProxy offers users a free trial.
Here are details of GoProxy Free Trial:
🏠 Residential Proxies: 100MB in 7 days
🌩️ Static Residential Proxies: Unlimited traffic in 1 day
🗄️ Datacenter Proxies: Unlimited traffic in 1 day

If you need more, please get in touch with our support team at [email protected]. We will provide you with a satisfactory response based on the actual situation.
👨‍💻 Exclusive account manager
GoProxy provides each user with an exclusive account manager, you can check and contact your own account manager in your dashboard. Our team is composed of a group of experienced experts in the proxy and related industries. The majority of our team members have 3-5 years of relevant industry experience, with the longest tenure being nearly 10 years in the related field. So most of the issues you encounter are just a piece of cake for us.

🌐 A Vest Network of Partnerships
GoProxy is dedicated to providing users with additional support. We strive to find a variety of suitable and reliable partners based on users' needs, such as Web Scraping, Multi-Account Management, Digital Marketing, SEO&SERP and Ads Verification, helping them tackle business challenges and drive digital growth together.


GoProxy is always your best choice of proxy services and web scraping solution. Click here to get your exclusive New User Offer of our Residential Proxies, and enjoy your 1GB Residential Proxy Plan in the 1st month for only $4.99.