GoLogin: Antidetect Browser For Multiple Accounts

GoLogin: Antidetect Browser For Multiple Accounts

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Introduction to Anti-Detect Browsers

In today’s digital age, online privacy and security are paramount. Anti-detect browsers, such as the popular GoLogin, offer solutions to protect users' identities and manage multiple online profiles. Anti-detect browsers allow users to mask their digital fingerprints, making it difficult for websites to track their activities. This is particularly useful for bypassing IP blocks, managing multiple social media accounts, and accessing restricted content. By spoofing browser parameters, users can simulate different internet identities to avoid detection.

What is GoLogin Anti-detect browser

GoLogin is an anti-detect browser designed to help users manage multiple online identities and prevent websites from tracking their browsing activities. This type of browser is particularly useful for tasks that require multiple accounts or identities, such as social media management, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, web scraping, and more.

Features of GoLogin

Team Members

Your teammates can access your account, allowing them to create, manage, and run all of your browser profiles.

Browser Profiles

Browser profiles are stored separately in the cloud, accessible from any platform or regular browser.

Profile Sharing

You can share browser profiles a set number of times, granting viewing, editing, or managing rights to your colleagues.

Android App

Use the GoLogin anti-detect browser on your smartphone with an internet connection.

Database of the fingerprints

Generate unlimited digital identities by creating profiles and changing their fingerprints.

Cloud Launches

Run profiles in the cloud simultaneously without installing GoLogin on your device, ensuring maximum anonymity from different devices.


Connect to the API to integrate GoLogin with other programs.


Unique technology

Each profile has a digital fingerprint similar to a regular user profile, making you anonymous by blending in with other users.

Competitive Pricing

Use GoLogin on unlimited devices with plans suitable for businesses of all sizes, available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and via any web browser using the cloud, even on a smartphone.

Intuitive Interface

Easily configure a new identity, duplicate profiles, and group them as desired. Sort profiles by various criteria and leave notes for each profile visible to other users.

Integration of Tor

Utilize the Tor VPN Network for anonymous browsing and fighting internet censorship. Use Tor Proxy in GoLogin to access *.onion links.

Free Proxies

Access free proxies from different countries directly within GoLogin. Choose GoLogin Proxy Service to switch countries, with all other fingerprints adapting to the new IP automatically.

Use cases of GoLogin

Ad review

Understand your ad campaign's target audience by viewing your advertising through customers' eyes.

Partnership programs

Mitigate risks when starting advertising by using multiple accounts.

Digital Marketing

Safely work on e-commerce platforms with separate accounts.

Web Scraping

Save resources by using different browser profiles for web scraping, with management tools and development algorithms provided by GoLogin.

Social Marketing

Efficiently manage hundreds of accounts simultaneously with access rights for each project participant.

Analysis of advertising

Ensure the quality and reliability of your advertising by viewing it from different profiles with various geolocations.

Retail price scan

Find the best prices regardless of visitor geolocation, avoiding blocks when bypassing price difference algorithms.

Brand Keeping

Bypass resource blocks in your region and track illegal use of your brand.

Communicate with potential employers or job candidates for a comprehensive assessment of their suitability.

Mass media and inquiry

Gather information and ask the right questions for effective journalism.

Self examination

Check your site with a stealth browser, gather information on traffic and web filter performance, and evaluate your site from visitors' perspectives.

Affiliate marketing

Promote products, services, sites, or businesses online and earn commissions through affiliate marketing.


This guide has explored the GoLogin anti-detect browser and its distinctive features. This software masks all parameters visible to a website, effectively concealing your digital fingerprint.

It enables users to create and manage multiple profiles for various online activities, including social media management, digital marketing, app development and testing, web scraping, and more.

The GoLogin anti-detect browser is notable for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It supports teamwork by allowing profile and proxy sharing, as well as task delegation, all while maintaining privacy and security.

To optimize your experience with the GoLogin anti-detect browser, we recommend using NetNut proxies for superior performance. Feel free to contact us for top-tier proxy services or if you have any questions.