SMS-Activate: virtual numbers for multi-accounting and other purposes

SMS-Activate: virtual numbers for multi-accounting and other purposes

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SMS-Activate is one of the largest virtual number services on the global market. More than 9 million users from different countries trust it when dealing with registrations. Using the platform, you can choose a number with the desired geo and receive an SMS with a confirmation code online. The service offers numbers of 180 countries for any sites and apps that require verification by SMS.

If you work in the multi-accounting mode, search for traffic sources in social networks and messengers, conduct marketing research, then SMS-Activate will become a reliable and safe tool for you.

Advantages of SMS-Activate

You pay only for received confirmation codes, so if you didn't use your number or a service didn't send a confirmation code for any reason, the money for the purchased number will be returned to your balance then. In case you can’t receive a code during manual registration, you can not only return the money for the purchase, but also replace the number by a click. This often solves the problem.

You can use any, even self-written software for registrations in cooperation with SMS-Activate. You can get the API key on the site and familiarize yourself with the integration documentation. Open the "Partner Software" section to find proven software from reliable developers which can be used for registrations and automation of mailings, purchase of goods and other actions depending on the certain platform.

Free Price option
This is an own development of the platform aimed at eliminating lack of numbers. The option regulates the balance between supply and demand, thanks to which all numbers are kept available even in case of peak demand on the market. Users determine a comfortable price for a number and then get access to an extended range of necessary numbers.

Benefits for regular customers
SMS-Activate Loyalty Program is connected to the balance replenishments. When you top up with 1000 rubles (about $11), you get rank 1 and corresponding bonuses: wholesale prices on numbers and ready-made accounts. Increase your turnover to get access to all privileges: discounts of up to 40% on Free Price numbers, personal VIP-manager, etc.

Top up balance in a convenient way
You will be able to choose payment methods from anywhere in the world. At the moment, the following top up options are available:

  • Through the Stripe system, which is working all over the world;
  • VISA and Mastercard bank cards;
  • Cryptocurrency (Binance Pay, Cryptomus and other options);
  • Electronic payment systems;
  • E-wallets

A range of services for any occasion

In addition to virtual numbers for receiving an OTP, you can purchase:

  • Number rent option for up to 4 weeks;
  • Verification by the last digits of the incoming call’s number;
  • Email address to receive a confirmation letter;
  • Ready-made warmed-up accounts (with subscribers if necessary);
  • Proxy (discounted if you participate in the loyalty program).

Cross-platform feature

Buy numbers in a convenient way: through API, right on the website, in the mobile or desktop application or in the Telegram-bot.

It is impossible not to touch upon the tech support team, which helps users in a language that is comfortable for them 24/7. Even if you try to use virtual numbers for the first time, a one-time purchase or integration will be simple, fast and safe. Resolve any issues related to account registration with SMS-Activate. Whatever your goals are, a trusted partner proven over time is always at hand.