Capsolver Extension - Solve Cloudflare in your browser

Capsolver Extension - Solve Cloudflare in your browser

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How to use capsolver


Solve Cloudflare Challenge / Turnstile in your browser

☄️ Step 1: Obtain Capsolver API Key

Before you can solve Cloudflare Challenge / Turnstile Captcha in your browser, you need to have some requeriments to be able to solve reCaptcha.

⚙️ Requeriments:

  • Capsolver API Key
  • Funds in your API Key
  • Capsolver Extension

How you can obtain your API Key?

  1. Register on capsolver or Login on capsolver
    If you are already registered or logged, skip this step.
  2. Copy your API Key
    Copy your api Key

🤯 Step 2: Install Extension on your Chrome

  1. Download the extension
  2. Paste the API Key that you previously copied.
    Solver Cloudflare Captcha
  3. Now you will be able to solve Cloudflare Challenge / Turnstile captcha without effort!
  4. Go to Demo Cloudflare Turnstile
  5. Put in 'Demo Site Key Type' , 'the Force Interactive challenge', like the picture:
    Setup page for solve Cloudflare
  6. Capsolver extension will automatically solve the tursntile captcha, if you want to keep testing, click the button 'reset'
  7. Enjoy!