How to solve reCaptcha v3 with Python

How to solve reCaptcha v3 with Python

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Solve reCaptcha v3 with Python, reCaptcha v3 python solver

⚙️ Prerequisites

  • Python installed
  • Capsolver API key

🤖 Step 1: Install Necessary Packages

Execute the following commands to install the required packages:

pip install capsolver

👨‍💻 Step 2: Python Code for solve reCaptcha v3 and get 0.7-0.9 score

Here's a Python sample script to accomplish the task:

import json
import os
import capsolver
from urllib.parse import urlparse

# Change these values
capsolver.api_key = "YourApiKey"
PAGE_KEY  = ""

def solve_recaptcha_v3(url,key,pageAction):
    solution = capsolver.solve({
        "type": "ReCaptchaV3TaskProxyLess",
        "websiteURL": url,
    return solution

def main():

    print("Solving reCaptcha v3")
    solution = solve_recaptcha_v3(PAGE_URL, PAGE_KEY, PAGE_ACTION)
    print("Solution: ", solution)

if __name__ == "__main__":

⚠️ Change these variables

  • capsolver.api_key: Obtain your API key from the Capsolver Dashboard.
  • PAGE_URL: Replace with the URL of the website for which you wish to solve the reCaptcha v3.
  • PAGE_KEY: Update with the specific key of the site with recaptcha.
  • PAGE_ACTION: Replace with the pageAction of the page. You can read this blog

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