How to easily pass any hCaptcha version using Capsolver

How to easily pass any hCaptcha version using Capsolver

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How to solve any hCaptcha version using CapSolver

🎯 Overview

This tutorial will guide you through the process of solving any version of hCaptcha using Capsolver.

CapSolver is a Captcha Solving Service that helps you solve Captchas.

We use AI-powered Captcha Solving Algorithms, which result in faster solving speed and significantly reduced costs, providing an excellent developer experience.

The goal will be to solve the problem of solves not being accepted, with this tutorial you will fix that problem.

⚠️ Warning

Before you read this blog, it's recommended that you know the basic stuff of how to solve hCaptcha using our API. Check this documentation: docs

On most user case, directly requesting our hCaptcha will work normally. However, may no work or some data may be missing, causing your token to be invalid.

In this case, you can submit additional parameter information as described below to help obtain a more stable token score:

🔎 Step 1: Obtain the getCaptcha fetch value and convert to base64.

  1. Go to the website where the hCaptcha appears.
  2. Open inspect element (Button F12) and go to network
  3. When you are on the network section, do F5 on the website of where hCaptcha appear.
  4. You will be able to see a url that have getCaptcha in the URL
  5. Right click the URL, copy and copy as fetch.
    How to obtain getCaptcha fetch value
  6. Convert to base64 the value copied, you can use this site: base64 encode website
  7. Save the base64 value into getCaptchaBase64.txt

🌟 Step 2: Send the base64 value in the following format

The new json parameter that you need to add to your current json configuration is:
getCaptcha and should be like "getCaptcha":"The text that you put into getCaptchaBase64.txt"

This is a example JSON, keep in mind that there are many parameters that are optional so you may no require them.
Read our documentation to understand each parameter.

  "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
  "task": {
    //Required. Can use HCaptchaTaskProxyless or HCaptchaTask
    "type": "HCaptchaTaskProxyLess",
    "websiteURL": "",
    // Required
    "websiteKey": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
    // Optional
    "isInvisible": true,
    // Optional
    "enterprisePayload": {
      //Optional, required if the site have HCaptcha Enterprise
      "rqdata": ""
    //Optional, this is required if you use HCaptchaTask
    "proxy": "http:ip:port:user:pass",
    // socks5:ip:port:user:pass
    "getCaptcha": "fetch request base64 content",
    "userAgent": ""

⚠️ You just need to submit one time

🌟 More information of how to solve hCaptcha

hCaptcha documentation

How to solve hCaptcha Enterprise
How to solve hCaptcha

By adopting the strategies outlined above, you can effortlessly resolve the challenges of hcaptcha. We also offer detailed custom services to meet specific customer requirements. Should you have any inquiries, please reach out to us via our customer service system.

Capsolver Team 💜


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How to easily pass any hCaptcha version using Capsolver
How to easily pass any hCaptcha version using Capsolver

This article will provide you with a solution if you are dealing with a lot of invalids tokens solutions. With just two simple steps, you can use CapSolver to easily pass hCaptcha.



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