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Solveing MtCaptcha

How MTCaptcha looks

In this blog post, we'll focus on how to programmatically solve MtCaptcha using Capsolver API. This can be particularly useful for developers who are working on projects that require automating tasks that involve interacting with MtCaptcha protected websites.

Understanding MtCaptcha

MtCaptcha is a service that protects websites from bots and spam by presenting users with a challenge that needs to be solved to prove that they're human. Capsolver provides support for various types of MtCaptcha tasks. In this blog post, we'll be focusing on MtCaptchaTask and MtCaptchaTaskProxyLess types, the latter of which uses the server's built-in proxy.

Creating a Task for MtCaptcha

To solve MtCaptcha, the first step involves creating a task with the createTask method. This requires you to provide certain details like the type of task, the URL of the website using MtCaptcha, the public domain key, and more. Here's an overview of the task object structure:

  "type": "MtCaptchaTask",
  "websiteURL": "URL of the website using MtCaptcha",
  "websiteKey": "Public domain key",
  "proxy": "Proxy details",
  "userAgent": "Browser's User-Agent used in emulation"
Once you've submitted the task, you should receive a 'Task ID' in the response if it's successful.
## Retrieving the Result of the Task
After you've created the task, you can retrieve the result using the getTaskResult method. Depending on the system load, the results can be obtained within an interval of 5s to 30s.
Content-Type: application/json

  "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
  "taskId": "Task ID received from the createTask method"

Once the task status is ready, you should receive the result of the MtCaptcha challenge in the response.
Solution Token of MTCaptcha

Solving MtCaptcha with Python using Capsolver SDK

# pip install --upgrade capsolver
# export CAPSOLVER_API_KEY='...'

import capsolver

# capsolver.api_key = "..."
solution = capsolver.solve({
    "type": "MtCaptchaTask",
    "websiteKey": "MTPublic-tqNCRE0GS",
    "websiteURL": "",
    "proxy": "ip:port:username:password"

In the above code, YOUR_API_KEY should be replaced with your CapSolver API key, MTPublic-tqNCRE0GS should be replaced with the public key of the website with the MtCaptcha, and the "proxy" field should be replaced with the details of your proxy if you're using one. The solve function sends a request to create a task to solve the captcha, and it will return the solution when it's ready.


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Solve MtCaptcha in any programming language (C#/PYTHON/JAVASCRIPT/PHP):

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