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Bypassing DataDome CAPTCHA with CapSolver API

If you're dealing with DataDome CAPTCHA and looking for a method to bypass it, this guide is just for you. We'll employ the CapSolver API to get past DataDome CAPTCHA with ease. You can either use your own proxies with `DataDomeSliderTask".

Creating a Task

The first step to bypass DataDome CAPTCHA is to create a task using the createTask method.

Here's the structure of the task object:

  • type: Required. This should be DataDomeSliderTask.
  • websiteURL: Required. This is the URL of the website using DataDome CAPTCHA.
  • captchaURL: Required. If the url contains t=bv that means that your ip must be banned, t should be t=fe
  • proxy: Optional. If you're using a proxy, you can include it here.
  • userAgent: Optional. If you're emulating a browser, include its User-Agent here.
    Here's an example request:
  "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
  "task": {
    "type": "DatadomeSliderTask",
    "websiteURL": "",
    "captchaUrl": "",
    "proxy": "Your_proxy",
    "userAgent": "MODERN_USER_AGENT_HERE"

Once the task is successfully submitted, you'll receive a Task ID in the response:

    "errorId": 0,
    "errorCode": "",
    "errorDescription": "",
    "taskId": "61138bb6-19fb-11ec-a9c8-0242ac110006"

Getting Results

After you get the Task ID, you can use it to fetch the solution. Submit the Task ID with the getTaskResult method. The results should be ready within an interval of 1s to 10s.

Here's an example request:

    "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "taskId": "61138bb6-19fb-11ec-a9c8-0242ac110006"

The response will include the solution token:

    "errorId": 0,
    "errorCode": null,
    "errorDescription": null,
    "solution": {
        "userAgent": "xxx", 
        "expireTime": 1671615324290, 
        "gRecaptchaResponse": "3AHJ....." // This is the solution token
    "status": "ready"

Note: The Python and Go examples are not included due to the lack of specific DataDome API details. Please replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual CapSolver API key, and replace the websiteURL, captchaURL with the actual website URL and captchaURL for the DataDome CAPTCHA challenge you are trying to solve.


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