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The application from allows you to easily and quickly create your own private mobile proxies using Android device (phone or tablet).

You can using iProxy proxies for web scraping, multi-account work on social networks and any other platforms, online surveys, price and assortment monitoring of goods and services, and other tasks related to automated or repetitive actions on the internet.

Mobile proxies with IP rotation from will reliably protect you from IP blocks, and Capsolver will give you access to the content of any pages ;)

You are probably already familiar with Capsolver (if not, register now). Then, you can check out iProxy. iProxy are offering 2 free days for testing proxies to all new users. Additionally, we have arranged a 15% discount with the promo code 'CAPSOLVER' on one top-up for BigDaddy and BigDaddy Pro tariffs for any amount!)

How much does it cost?

With, you can access mobile proxies by subscribing to our service (starting from $6 to $10 per month) and adding the cost of your mobile internet plan from your mobile operator. The result? A premium proxy product at an unbeatable price. You won't find this offer anywhere else!

What advantages besides price?

  1. Stability and high uptime. iProxy has been operating in the international market for over 4 years, during which time we have built a reliable technical infrastructure that you can rely on!
  2. Technical features. iProxy takes great pride in the extensive technical features their proxies provide, all tailored to boost efficiency and simplify your tasks. Here are some key features:
  • Multiple mechanisms for IP rotation (regular change at set intervals, change through a link, via a command in the Telegram bot, and more);
  • Support for HTTP, SOCKS5;
  • Support for OPVN and UDP;
  • API support;
  • A user-friendly personal account, coupled with a Telegram bot, that provides comprehensive control over your proxies;
  • Logging and log storage;
  • And many other features, including: uptime notification, Traffic Calculator, Wi-Fi Split to save mobile data, Replacement Passive OS Fingerprint (TCP/IP Fingerprint), IP address authorization, Seamless IP change (without waiting) and much more (in fact, iProxy has many other features, check it out for yourself).
  1. Easy Management and Configuration. Within the iProxy personal dashboard, you are equipped with every essential tool needed to set up your proxy connection. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily manage and fine-tune your proxies to your liking.
  2. Responsive support. Ensuring user satisfaction and delivering an outstanding client experience are at the heart of what iProxy does. Committed support team is always available to help through.

And something more!

Among iProxy users, there are not only individuals who use proxies from their phones for personal use, but also those known as "proxy farmers." These proxy farmers set up dozens of Android phones in desirable locations such as the USA, EU, and even exotic countries.

These trusted sellers offer ready-made private mobile proxies with IP rotation for purchase. Alternatively, if you're interested in earning extra money, you can sell proxies from your own "proxy farm." ;)
Register now at and don't forget to use promo code 'CAPSOLVER' to get a 15% discount on BigDaddy and BigDaddy Pro!