LightningProxies: Proxies Designed for Web Scraping & Crawling

LightningProxies: Proxies Designed for Web Scraping & Crawling

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Established in 2022, LightningProxies is a proxy service aimed at meeting global proxy requirements. We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing proxy services with a dedicated 24/7 support team.

The name LightningProxies reflects our belief in the speed of our proxies, powered by a robust 100G+ Network Infrastructure.

Proxy Services:

  1. Rotating Residential Proxies - Starting at $3.5/GB
  2. Datacenter Proxies - Starting at $10/Day
  3. IPv6 Proxies - Starting at $7/Day (Ideal for solving recaptcha v2/v3)
  4. Static ISP Proxies - Starting at $2/IP

Packed with Features to Be the Best:

• Global Proxies
• Rotating/Sticky Sessions
• 24/7 Customer Support
• 99.9% Success Rate
• User-Friendly UI Dashboard

Proxy Products:

1. Residential Proxies

Access a pool of over 10 million daily active IPs from 100+ countries.
Target any Country, State, City, and ISP with our Residential Proxies.


• Rotating & Sticky sessions up to 120min
• Country, State, City Targeting
• HTTPS/SOCKS5 Supported Protocols

2. Shared Datacenter Proxies

Our Datacenter Proxies consist of 20,000 IPs from reliable third-party datacenter partners.
Target IPs from countries like US, UK, DE, NL, CA, and more.


• 2-3GB Speeds
• Rotating on each request
• Unlimited Threads
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• HTTP Supported Protocol

3. IPv6 Proxies

Scrape enabled IPv6 sites.


• 8x/32 Subnets
• USA IPv6 Proxies
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Threads
• HTTP Supported Protocol

4. Static ISP Proxies

Premium ISPs from Virgin Subnets only! High-quality proxies working on all sites.


• US & EU ISP Locations
• Tier 1 & 2 ISPs
• 50-300 ms Response time
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Concurrent Connections

Known Use Cases for LightningProxies:

• Market Research
• Brand Protection
• Travel Fare Aggregation
• Ad Verification
• SEO Monitoring

These use cases involve leveraging proxies for tasks such as marketing research, brand protection, managing brand perception, ensuring travel fare aggregator operations, ad verification, and SEO monitoring to stay competitive in search results.

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