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Solving reCaptcha v3 using CapSolver

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of solving reCaptcha v3 using CapSolver.

An Overview of reCaptcha V3

reCaptcha V3 is a robust solution designed to keep your web resources safe from undesirable bot activity. It adds an additional layer of security by implementing a challenge-response test that distinguishes human users from bots. However, there can be situations where you might need to solve these captchas, such as for testing purposes or automating specific tasks.

The Power of Capsolver

Capsolver, a service that offers a reliable way to solve these reCaptcha challenges, can come in handy in such situations. It provides different task types that suit various needs, ensuring optimal results in solveing reCaptcha V3.

Capsolver supports reCaptcha V3 and provides a variety of task types to ensure your needs are met:

  • ReCaptchaV3Task: This task type requires your own proxies.
  • ReCaptchaV3TaskProxyLess: This task type uses the server's built-in proxy.


ReCaptchaV3Task is a task type that requires your own proxies to work. It's ideal for those who have a pool of reliable proxies at their disposal. The usage of personal proxies allows for greater control and customization over the solveing process.

from capsolver import ReCaptchaV3Task
task = ReCaptchaV3Task(
solution = capsolver.solve(task)


If you don't have access to proxies or prefer not to use them, ReCaptchaV3TaskProxyLess is a perfect choice. It leverages the server's built-in proxy, making the process more streamlined and user-friendly.

from capsolver import ReCaptchaV3TaskProxyLess
task = ReCaptchaV3TaskProxyLess(
solution = capsolver.solve(task)

Creating a Task

To start the process, you need to create a recognition task using the createTask method.

Here's an example request:

        "pageAction": "homepage"

Once the task is successfully submitted, you'll receive a Task ID in the response:

    "errorId": 0,
    "errorCode": "",
    "errorDescription": "",
    "taskId": "61138bb6-19fb-11ec-a9c8-0242ac110006"

Getting Results

Once you have the Task ID, you can use it to retrieve the solution. Submit the Task ID with the getTaskResult method. The results should be ready within an interval of 1s to 10s.

Here's an example request:

Content-Type: application/json

    "taskId": "TASKID OF CREATETASK" //ID created by the createTask method

The response will include the solution token:

    "errorId": 0,
    "errorCode": null,
    "errorDescription": null,
    "solution": {
        "userAgent": "xxx",
        "expireTime": 1671615324290,
        "gRecaptchaResponse": "3AHJ....."
    "status": "ready

In the response, 'solution' contains the 'userAgent', the expiration time of the token 'expireTime', and the solution token 'gRecaptchaResponse'.
After the captcha has been solved, you can check the captcha token by sending the token to the site, example:

var request = require('request');
var options = {
  'method': 'POST',
  'url': '',
  'headers': {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
  body: JSON.stringify({
    "g-recaptcha-response": "here the token of capsolver"
  request(options, function (error, response) {
  if (error) throw new Error(error);


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Solving reCaptcha V3 may seem daunting, but with the right tools and understanding, it becomes a manageable task. CapSolver offers a comprehensive suite of task types and an easy-to-use API that simplifies the process. Whether you're working with a high scores website or seeking a more stable proxy, CapSolver has a solution for you.

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