How to enter the captcha correctly and how to identify reCAPTCHA v2 site key

How to enter the captcha correctly and how to identify reCAPTCHA v2 site key

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CAPTCHA recognition services play a crucial role in helping users overcome the challenges posed by security measures. One such widely encountered CAPTCHA system is ReCAPTCHA v2. However, many users find it challenging to identify the ReCAPTCHA v2 site key, hindering their ability to solve it effectively. In this article, we will explore the concept of CAPTCHA recognition services, delve into the difficulties users face when solving ReCAPTCHA v2, and introduce CapSolver, a powerful plugin that simplifies the process of identifying ReCAPTCHA v2 site keys.

Understanding CAPTCHA Recognition Services:

CAPTCHA recognition services leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to automatically decipher and solve CAPTCHA challenges. These services enable users to solve CAPTCHAs swiftly and accurately, saving time and effort. They have become increasingly popular as a reliable solution for individuals and businesses seeking efficient ways to overcome CAPTCHA obstacles.

The Challenge of Identifying ReCAPTCHA v2 Site Key:

ReCAPTCHA v2 is a widely used security measure that presents users with interactive challenges to verify their authenticity. However, many users encounter difficulties finding the ReCAPTCHA v2 site key, a crucial element for integrating ReCAPTCHA v2 into their websites or applications. Without the site key, users struggle to implement ReCAPTCHA v2 effectively and may face challenges in automating processes or performing web scraping tasks.

Introducing CapSolver:

Capsolver, a powerful CAPTCHA recognition service, offers a comprehensive solution for users struggling to identify ReCAPTCHA v2 site keys. With its innovative capabilities, Capsolver simplifies the process of finding the site key and provides a user-friendly experience. Here's how Capsolver can assist users in identifying ReCAPTCHA v2 site keys:


Capsolver Setup:

  • Visit CapSolver.
  • Press the "F12" key on your keyboard to open the developer tools.
  • Navigate to the tab labeled Capsolver Captcha Detector.


  • Without closing the Capsolver panel, visit the website where you intend to trigger the CAPTCHA.
  • Trigger the captcha.
  • Remember: Do not close the Capsolver panel before triggering the CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA Parameter Detection:

Identifiable Parameters:

  • Website URL
  • Site Key
  • pageAction
  • isInvisible
  • isEnterprise
  • isSRequired
  • isReCaptchaV3
  • Api Domain
  • Capsolver Json:
    Once the CAPTCHA parameters have been detected, CapSolver will return a JSON detailing how you should submit the captcha parameters to their service.


Entering CAPTCHAs correctly and identifying ReCAPTCHA v2 site keys are essential skills for navigating online security measures. The introduction of CAPTCHA recognition services like Capsolver has revolutionized the way users interact with and overcome CAPTCHA challenges.


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