How to Identify Geetest V4 | By using CapSolver Extension

How to Identify Geetest V4 | By using CapSolver Extension

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What is Geetest V4?

GeeTest V4, also known as GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA, is the latest iteration of GeeTest's CAPTCHA technology, designed to differentiate between human users and bots. This version incorporates several advanced features and improvements over its predecessors.

Key features of GeeTest V4 include:

  1. Adaptive Security Strategies: GeeTest V4 employs dynamic and adaptive security strategies that adjust in real-time to counteract evolving bot threats. This includes regularly updated JavaScript obfuscation, dynamic parameter updates, and a global risk database to enhance security

  2. Enhanced User Experience: The CAPTCHA offers various modes such as Intelligent Mode, Invisible Mode, and Direct Platform Integration. These modes are designed to minimize user friction while ensuring robust security. For example, only high-risk users are presented with a CAPTCHA challenge, improving the overall user experience

  3. Customizability: Businesses can customize the CAPTCHA challenge frequency, difficulty, and types according to their specific needs. This flexibility allows for a tailored security approach that can adapt to different scenarios and threats.

  4. Broad Application: GeeTest V4 is used across various applications including login, sign-in, coupon and discount protection, user interaction, comments, and voting systems. It helps prevent common threats such as credential stuffing, automated account creation, spam, and vote manipulation

  5. Ease of Integration: The solution supports seamless integration with existing systems, providing a quick and efficient setup process. It also offers multilingual support and global deployment, ensuring fast and reliable service for users worldwide

How to Identify if Geetest V4 is being used Using CapSolver Extension

CAPTCHA Parameter Detection:

Identifiable Parameters for Geetest V4:

  • is geetest v4
  • Captcha Id (This is different each time, you will need to obtain everytime you want to solve captcha)

Once the CAPTCHA parameters have been detected, CapSolver will return a JSON detailing how you should submit the captcha parameters to their service.

How to Identify if Geetest V4 is being used:

  1. Open Developer Tools:
    Press F12 to open the developer tools or right-click on the webpage and select "Inspect".

  2. Open the CapSolver Panel:
    Go to the Captcha Detector Panel

  3. Trigger the Geetest V4:
    Perform the action that triggers the Geetest V4 on the webpage.

  4. Check the CapSolver Panel:
    Look at the CapSolver Captcha Detector tab in the developer tools.
    If it's Geetest V4 , will appear like:

By following these steps, you can easily determine if the Geetest V4 on a website is being used.


Identifying whether a Geetest V4 is being used using the CapSolver extension is straightforward. CapSolver not only helps you find the site key but also other essential parameters like if Geetest V4 is being used. Always use such tools responsibly and ethically, respecting the terms of service of the websites you interact with. For more assistance, you can contact CapSolver via email at [email protected].