How identify and obtain FunCaptcha data[blob]

How identify and obtain FunCaptcha data[blob]

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How identify and obtain FunCaptcha data[blob]

Step 1: Identify that you need to submit data[blob]

The initial step involves determining if the FunCaptcha you aim to solve necessitates submitting a data[blob]. Failure to submit this data when required results in an invalid token or a high chance of token invalidation. To ascertain if a data[blob] is needed, utilize the captcha detection feature of Capsolver. This tool can be further explored here:
Learn about Capsolver's captcha detector

When a data blob is needed, Capsolver's extension will show a display panel as illustrated below:

Step 2: Find where to obtain this value

This stage covers the process of obtaining the data[blob] value. Start by opening the Inspect Element tool (F12), navigate to the network tab, and activate the FunCaptcha. A request URL will appear like this:


Note that the 'sitekey' part (613F48sD7-3DCD-468D-8557-CFF418CF794D) will vary. Inspecting the payload of the POST request reveals a "data[blob]" parameter, from which you can copy the value.

Then, in the inspect element tool, press CTRL + S to open the search panel. Enter the data[blob] value here, and the request that generated this value should appear.

In some instances, this method may not work if the value is HTML encoded, encrypted, or located elsewhere. It's advisable to examine the response body of each request to locate where this value originates.

Keep in mind that this value changes each time. Therefore, it's essential to scrape it anew before each captcha submission to ensure the captcha token remains valid.

When specifying the data in the required format, it should be entered as follows:

"data": "{\"blob\": \"[value]\"}"

In this structure, only replace [value] with the actual value you need to insert. The rest of the format, including the backslashes (\) and quotation marks ("), should remain unchanged.


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Due to browser environment issues, the extension may encounter difficult challenges in recognizing certain images in FunCaptcha. Please follow the steps below to address this: 1. Attempt to manually solve all image challenges yourself. 2. If you still encounter new challenges or cannot proceed with the intended workflow, it indicates that your browser environment or IP has been baned. In such cases, try changing your browser environment or changeing your proxy and then attempt manual solving again. 3. If you can successfully proceed with the workflow after manually solving the challenges, it suggests that your environment is not the issue. Please report the images that the extension failed to recognize to us, and we will work on fixing it as soon as possible.



How identify and obtain FunCaptcha data[blob]
How identify and obtain FunCaptcha data[blob]

Learn to identify and obtain FunCaptcha data[blob] for effective captcha solving. Follow our step-by-step guide on using Capsolver's tools and techniques.