Recaptcha Solver | Automatically solves Recaptcha in browser

Recaptcha Solver | Automatically solves Recaptcha in browser

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Identify if have reCaptcha

📕 Steps to Start Detecting CAPTCHA Parameters:

Various types of CAPTCHAs like reCaptcha, hCaptcha, and funCaptcha exist online. Identifying their parameters can be essential for solving them. This guide will show you how to easily identify these CAPTCHA parameters using the Capsolver Extension Utility.

1. Installation:

2. Capsolver Setup:

  • Visit Capsolver.
  • Press the "F12" key on your keyboard to open the developer tools.
  • Navigate to the tab labeled Capsolver Captcha Detector.
    Capsolver Captcha Detector

3. Detection:

  • Without closing the Capsolver panel, visit the website where you intend to trigger the CAPTCHA.
  • Trigger the CAPTCHA.
  • Remember: Do not close the Capsolver panel before triggering the CAPTCHA.

🤖 CAPTCHA Parameter Detection:


  • Identifiable Parameters:

    • Website URL
    • Site Key
    • pageAction
    • isInvisible
    • isEnterprise
    • isSRequired
    • isReCaptchaV3
    • Api Domain
  • Capsolver JSON:
    Once the CAPTCHA parameters have been detected, Capsolver will return a JSON detailing how you should submit the CAPTCHA parameters to their service.
    reCaptcha solver parameters

After we verify that the website use reCaptcha, let's start of how to solve reCaptcha on the browser

Install Capsolver Extension

First, let's install capsolver extension:
After the extension is installed, will look like:

We must have funds to be able to use the extension, if you have, go to:
Dashboard and copy the API KEY

Paste the API Key into the extension:

After we have added the api key into the extension, we are ready for solve captchas using capsolver in our browser!