How to identify the extra parameters required for solve Google ReCaptcha v2

How to identify the extra parameters required for solve Google ReCaptcha

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Understanding Additional Parameters

reCaptcha v2:

  • reCaptcha versions: These can vary and include:

    • reCaptcha v2 Normal: The standard version where users solve a puzzle to verify they're not a bot.
    • reCaptcha v2 Enterprise: An advanced, paid version with more features and customization options, designed for businesses requiring higher security.
    • reCaptcha v2 Invisible: A version that operates in the background, typically requiring no user interaction. It uses a risk analysis engine to differentiate between users and bots.
  • pageAction: This is a parameter found in some site anchor endpoints. It represents the 'action' value and is used in reCaptcha v3 for risk analysis.

  • enterprise payload: This refers to the 's-data' in reCaptcha, which is a set of data sent to reCaptcha Enterprise for analysis. The exact contents depend on the specific requirements of reCaptcha Enterprise.

  • Anchor: This is additional data obtained from the Capsolver extension. In the context of reCaptcha, it could refer to the part of the page where the reCaptcha widget is anchored.

  • Reload: This is also additional data obtained from the Capsolver extension. It could refer to the action of reloading the reCaptcha widget, for instance, if the user wants a new challenge.

  • ApiDomain: This is the domain address from which to load reCAPTCHA Enterprise. Examples include '' and ''. This parameter should only be used if its purpose is understood.
    Don't use a parameter if you don't know why it's needed.

These parameters are not always present and their presence depends on the site key.

Identifying Additional Parameters

The Capsolver extension can detect if a site key requires these additional parameters.

Steps to Detect reCAPTCHA Parameters:

  1. Installation:

  2. Capsolver Setup:

    • Go to CapSolver.
    • Press "F12" on your keyboard to open the developer tools.
    • Go to the Capsolver Captcha Detector tab.
  3. Detection:

    • Keep the Capsolver panel open and visit the website where you want to trigger the CAPTCHA.
    • Trigger the captcha.
    • Note: Do not close the Capsolver panel before triggering the CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA Parameter Detection:

Parameters for reCAPTCHA that can be identified:

  • Website URL
  • Site Key
  • isInvisible
  • pageAction
  • isEnterprise
  • isSRequired
  • isReCaptchaV3
  • Api Domain
  • Anchor
  • Reload

After the CAPTCHA parameters have been detected, CapSolver will provide a JSON detailing how to submit the captcha parameters to their service.

The extension panel will display the information like this: