Best Captcha Solver API for Web Scraping and Automation: CapSolver

Best Captcha Solver API for Web Scraping and Automation: CapSolver

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In the realm of web scraping and automation, encountering CAPTCHAs is a common obstacle. These security measures are designed to differentiate human users from automated scripts, posing a significant challenge for developers and businesses looking to automate tasks or extract data. Enter CapSolver – a powerful CAPTCHA solving API that streamlines these processes and helps you overcome CAPTCHA challenges with ease.

Why CapSolver is Essential for Web Scraping and Automation

CAPTCHAs are employed by websites to prevent automated access and ensure security. However, for legitimate purposes such as web scraping and automation, CAPTCHAs can be a hindrance. This is where CapSolver comes into play. Here’s why CapSolver is an essential tool for your web scraping and automation needs:

1. High Success Rate

CapSolver boasts an impressive success rate, ensuring that most CAPTCHAs are solved accurately. This high accuracy is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your web scraping and automation tasks, allowing you to extract data or complete automated processes without unnecessary interruptions.

2. Fast Response Time

Speed is of the essence in automation and web scraping. CapSolver offers fast response times, minimizing delays and ensuring that your tasks are completed promptly. This rapid response capability is particularly beneficial when dealing with time-sensitive projects.

3. Wide Range of CAPTCHA Support

CapSolver supports a broad spectrum of CAPTCHA types, including reCAPTCHA v2/v3, hCaptcha, FunCaptcha, and many more. This extensive support makes CapSolver a versatile choice, capable of handling various CAPTCHA challenges you might encounter.

4. Easy API Integration

Integrating CapSolver into your existing workflows is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly API. Whether you’re using Python, JavaScript, or another programming language, CapSolver’s API can be seamlessly incorporated, making it easy to add CAPTCHA-solving capabilities to your scripts.

5. 24/7 Support

CapSolver provides round-the-clock support to assist with any issues or queries. This continuous support ensures that you can rely on CapSolver at any time, keeping your automation and scraping tasks running smoothly.

How to Use CapSolver

Using CapSolver in your web scraping or automation project is simple. Here’s a quick example in Python to demonstrate how you can integrate CapSolver into your workflow:

# pip install requests
import requests
import time

# TODO: set your config
api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"  # your api key of capsolver
site_key = "6Le-wvkSAAAAAPBMRTvw0Q4Muexq9bi0DJwx_mJ-"  # site key of your target site
site_url = ""  # page url of your target site

def capsolver():
    payload = {
        "clientKey": api_key,
        "task": {
            "type": 'ReCaptchaV2TaskProxyLess',
            "websiteKey": site_key,
            "websiteURL": site_url
    res ="", json=payload)
    resp = res.json()
    task_id = resp.get("taskId")
    if not task_id:
        print("Failed to create task:", res.text)
    print(f"Got taskId: {task_id} / Getting result...")

    while True:
        time.sleep(3)  # delay
        payload = {"clientKey": api_key, "taskId": task_id}
        res ="", json=payload)
        resp = res.json()
        status = resp.get("status")
        if status == "ready":
            return resp.get("solution", {}).get('gRecaptchaResponse')
        if status == "failed" or resp.get("errorId"):
            print("Solve failed! response:", res.text)

token = capsolver()

In this example, the capsolver function sends a request to CapSolver’s API with the necessary parameters and returns the CAPTCHA solution. This simple integration can save you countless hours and effort in manually solving CAPTCHAs during web scraping and automation tasks.


CapSolver is a powerful and reliable CAPTCHA solver API that can significantly enhance your web scraping and automation projects. With its high success rate, fast response times, extensive CAPTCHA support, and easy integration, CapSolver is the go-to solution for overcoming CAPTCHA challenges. To get started, visit and explore their API documentation and pricing plans. Simplify your web scraping and automation processes with CapSolver today.