Best Arkose Labs FunCaptcha captcha solving service -Using CapSolver API Service

Best Arkose Labs FunCaptcha captcha solving service -Using CapSolver API Service

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FunCaptcha, renowned for its challenging image-based verifications, presents a formidable obstacle for automated systems. CapSolver's API service leverages advanced AI technology to effortlessly navigate and solve FunCaptcha challenges. This guide explores how CapSolver enables seamless automation, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for web scraping and automated testing tasks.

Table of Contents

  1. What is FunCaptcha?
  2. How does FunCaptcha work?
  3. FunCaptcha captcha solving service -Using CapSolver API Service
  4. Conclusion

What is FunCaptcha?

FunCaptcha features a variety of 3D and 2D graphical challenges and over a hundred types of questions. Depending on the level of risk control and the threat level of the visitor, it presents challenges of varying difficulty levels. Even a normal person may take several seconds to pass these challenges. FunCAPTCHA has been rebranded to Arkose Labs and is now more intuitive and harder for automated scripts to solve.

How does FunCaptcha work?

1. Advanced Image Challenges

FunCaptcha constantly updates its images and questions. To pass the verification, you must accurately recognize the images and clearly understand the meaning of the questions. Most of the time, there is more than one image to verify, and you need to select all the images that meet the criteria. If you select one or more incorrect images, you will have to restart the challenge.

FunCaptcha uses a variety of engaging and complex image-based puzzles to determine if the user is human. These puzzles often involve rotating images, selecting matching objects, or identifying patterns within a set of pictures. This dynamic approach ensures that automated systems struggle to keep up, as the challenge types and image libraries are frequently updated.

2. IP Detection

FunCaptcha checks if the IP sending the request matches your timezone and language. The quality of the IP also affects the difficulty of the challenges presented by FunCaptcha. Frequent requests from the same IP will result in increasingly difficult challenges.

By analyzing the IP address of the requester, FunCaptcha can determine if the IP is associated with suspicious activity. If an IP address has a history of automated requests or comes from a region known for bot activity, the difficulty of the captcha challenges can be significantly increased. This ensures that even if bots solve the initial checks, they will face tougher challenges.

3. Code Obfuscation

During the FunCaptcha verification process, all core parameters submitted by the API are encrypted by frontend JavaScript code. To prevent others from reverse engineering its verification process, FunCaptcha obfuscates its core JavaScript code, making it difficult to read.

4. Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting refers to identifying users without relying on cookies by collecting various pieces of information about the browser, such as system fonts, screen resolution, and browser plugins, to determine if it is the same user or a legitimate user. FunCaptcha collects many browser fingerprints, such as:

  • fonts: Determines if the system supports certain fonts;
  • webgl: Includes webgl extensions, webgl unmasked renderer, webgl unmasked vendor, etc.;
  • screen: Includes pixelDepth, height, width, availHeight, availWidth, etc.;
  • languages: Includes navigator.language, navigator.languages, etc.;
  • media: Determines if certain audio and video types are supported;
  • plugins: Browser plugins;
  • canvas: Uses canvas to draw a special image and obtains its hash value.

5. Mouse Movement Tracking

When you start clicking on the images, FunCaptcha begins collecting your mouse movement data, including click, move, and touch events. These mouse movement patterns are sent to the FunCaptcha backend for analysis. FunCaptcha uses machine learning algorithms to determine if your mouse movements align with those of a genuine user.

6. Automation Tool Detection

Commonly used automation testing tools include Phantom, Selenium, and NightmareJS. These tools have distinct characteristics that FunCaptcha leverages to identify them. For example, when Selenium launches a browser, there are special properties in the window object such as cdc_adoQpoasnfa76pfcZLmcfl_Array and cdc_adoQpoasnfa76pfcZLmcfl_Promise. If FunCaptcha detects that a user is employing automation tools, it will flag the user as potentially malicious, resulting in more challenging captchas.

FunCaptcha captcha solving service -Using CapSolver API Service

Free Your Hands, Solve FunCaptcha in Seconds

CapSolver uses AI-based automatic web unlocking technology to help you solve FunCaptcha within seconds. Regardless of the image or challenge type you encounter, you can rely on CapSolver. No charge if it fails.

1. Register with CapSolver

Sign up for CapSolver, choose a plan, and copy your API key.

2. Find the Target Website's Public Key

Each website using FunCaptcha has a unique public key, which you can find in the corresponding API requests, as shown below:

3. Use the CapSolver SDK

CapSolver provides SDKs and example code in various languages. Simply input your API key and the target website's public key. For example, in Python:

# pip install --upgrade capsolver
# export CAPSOLVER_API_KEY='...'

import capsolver

# capsolver.api_key = "..."
solution = capsolver.solve({
    "type": "FunCaptchaTaskProxyLess",
    "websitePublicKey": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "websiteURL": "",

Other programming languages can be found in the CapSolver documentation, and CapSolver can help you solve FunCaptcha automatically by running a small amount of simple code.

By integrating CapSolver's SDK into your application, you can automate the process of solving FunCaptcha challenges. The provided example in Python demonstrates how to set up and use the CapSolver API to retrieve solutions for FunCaptcha tasks, ensuring seamless automation for your web scraping or automated testing needs.


This guide has covered the essentials of understanding and solving FunCaptcha challenges using CapSolver. CapSolver's AI-driven approach ensures that you can efficiently overcome FunCaptcha's advanced security measures, making it an indispensable tool for automated web interactions. Whether you're dealing with image challenges, IP detection, or browser fingerprinting, CapSolver offers a reliable and quick solution to keep your automation tasks running smoothly.